Kick Off Your Heels and Tee it Up!

Contrary to popular belief, women have always played golf. The LPGA Tour is older than the PGA Tour. The problem is the proportion of female players has barely budged since the 1980s. Rounds played by women have consistently hovered at an even lower proportion of the total, about 17% women play fewer rounds than men.

What’s keeping you from playing? Here are five reasons women should start playing golf NOW!

  • It gets you outside and active.  There is nothing like getting outside during the weekend or in the middle of a beautiful weekday to enjoy the fresh sunshine and air.


  • It could count as exercise. A good golf game can provide plenty exercise (you can be walking for up to five hours). The average golfer is said to burn around 1,500 calories per 18 holes of golf!


  • Fun activity to enjoy with friends or family.  The handicap scoring system allows for players of all abilities to compete together. If you and your girlfriends are beginners why not take a lesson together at Eagle Mountain Golf Club.


  • Kick off your heels and tee it up for more business. Women need to start looking at golf as a mandatory business skill that will increase productivity, profits, promotions and likability!  It is time for women to start leveling the playing field in business and in golf.


  • Golf fashion is big business and you’ll enjoy some amazing options. If you are into fashion trends, this is the sport to get into. It opens up a whole new wardrobe world.


Like starting anything new, it’s difficult to pick up a new sport and walk into a game that you assume is predominantly played by men. Let alone a game as challenging as golf.  The actual rules of the game don’t care what gender you are. Both men and women get frustrated when learning the game of golf.


Maybe you’re a woman who’s always wanted to play but never had the motivation or correct instruction. Click HERE for more information on instruction at Eagle Mountain Golf Club.

Need to reserve a tee time at Eagle Mountain Golf Club? Click HERE.

Women Golfing

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